About Hampstead Mums

Hampstead Mums is an inclusive community for local parents to share wise words, local knowledge and general parenting chat. With over 9,000 members the community has grown away from the pages of Facebook and into the “real” world hosting many successful events including coffee mornings, playgroups and charity fundraisers.¬†You can find more information about Hampstead Mums here.

The group was started in 2013 by Diana Von R. She was 24, pregnant, with zero mum friends. She started the Facebook group to connect with local parents and the main ethos is to help others make those connections. Diana has since decided to take a step back for a while from actively running the group and its activities. I have been provided the honour of holding the wheel whilst Diana takes a well deserved break.

Hampstead Mums is not just a social media platform, we run birth clubs, mum biz networking events and coffee mornings to help you make these connections, although we do encourage you to be proactive and organise things on the group yourself.

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