Would you like a more intimate and bespoke experience from your Hypnobirth course?

I also provide private courses for birthing mothers and their birth partners in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits you.

I utilise my unique experience as a clinical hypnotherapist to take the group course and tailor it to suit each individual couples needs. This ensures you recieve all the benefits of joining the group course, whilst having any personal needs met.


Who might be interested in having a private course?

  • Couples with hectic lifestyles that may not be able to attend the group set times
  • Couples who feel more comfortable in a private setting
  • Couples with pre-existing difficulties, such as – tokophobia, antenatal depression,
  • Couples with second babies needing a refresher course
  • Support to plan a positive caesarean
  • Couples having a vaginal birth after caesarean


What can I expect from a private course?

  • Understand the physical process of pregnancy and birth
  • Understand the emotional process of pregnancy and birth
  • Make a practical plan for early and later labour
  • Address any additional needs you may have surrounding pregnancy and birth
  • Learn techniques to connect your mind and body – providing you with an ENJOYABLE birth experience
  • Partners become actively engaged in the birthing journey as they learn techniques to support the birthing mother.
  • Understand and find peace with the “what if’s” You spend time working through difficult scenarios so that you are super prepared for whatever happens on the day
  • Learn your rights and feel empowered to make the right choices for you and your family
  • Understand the mental and physical transitions of early parenthood and understand how to adapt to them smoothly
  • Receive a comprehensive course pack, full of all the information and resources you will need
  • Receive a complimentary book, providing you with further background in to hypnobirth and the techniques we use
  • Receive FREE hypnosis audio downloads to use during pregnancy and birth
  • Receive ongoing email support until your babies arrival
  • Be invited to join a “whats app” group for parents with similar due dates, be invited to attend future gatherings of Clarity Hypnobirth parents


How much will the investment be?

My private courses are unique to your situation and therefore the content and the hours of the course will be unique to each couple. Therefore the investment will be based on your individual needs. For more information and to book a private course, please contact me.