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I often preach about the power of positive affirmations. It is not just self empowering it had been proven that repeating affirmations can help to re-wire your brain to replace the negative language with the positive. It is however hard to come up with your own affirmations when you are suffering with anxiety or depression, it may not be clear what you want to say or what positive language you want your negative language to be replaced with. Whilst doing my searching for this shopping list I came across a wonderful company that has done all the hard work for you. They have created a series of card packs with fantastic affirmations to help you through your battles with anxiety, depression, self love and even a pack dedicated to single mothers. I have chosen to put on this shopping list the anxiety pack as this is the most common feeling that mothers present themselves with to me, however please feel free to go over and visit their lovely website to see and purchase any of the other packs from there. The lovely Amy from “I Can Cards” has this to say about the packs and why they are so beneficial:

This is a box of 25 affirmations centred around anxiety.

  • 25 affirmations for anxiety
  • 8.5cm x 5.5cm size cards
  • Made and printed in Wales
  • I Can Cards come in plastic free, recyclable boxes

They aim to offer reassurance, comfort and motivation around this sometimes crippling and overlooked mental health issue. Sometimes we are diagnosed with anxiety and sometimes it is what we are left with after struggling or overcoming other things. We created these with others that have anxiety so that you know that you aren’t alone, and so that you know that we have got you.


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