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Iris & St James is a lovely small brand of aromatherapy oils and balms for mum’s and babies. Nichola uses her 15 year experience as an aromatherapist to create beautiful calming and soothing blends to ensure wellbeing for both mother and baby.

I have chosen to include her “Mummy State Of Mind” oil in my shopping list as I feel it unique and with its beautiful blend of aromas will ensure new mums remain calm, feel pampered and help lift low mood.

Here is what Nichola has to say about this wonderful oil:

So far this is our cult oil. Designed for mums new and for mums that are juggling life. This expertly blended oil has been created to offer inner peace and assurance during motherhood.

Uplifting notes of bergamot and grapefruit; for lifting moods with renewed energy. A real immune booster offering comfort and reassurance. Blends of fennel and clary sage helps to balance hormones and regulate the body post baby, relieving anxiety and stressors

The oil is multi use – Can be applied directly to the skin. warm a few drops in between your hands and slowly massage into your neck and shoulders, bringing the oil down the arms. It can be used in an oil burner. Swirl a handful into a hot steamy bath.


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