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Why Have I chosen the “New Mum’s Notebook” to be added to my shopping list? Meet Amy

Amy is a powerhouse mother of three, writer and blogger. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at an event and her understanding and passion to encourage the support of a new mums emotional wellbeing blew me away. Amy wrote and designed this journal to help encourage mothers to understand what they are feeling is ‘normal’ and that they are doing ok, that they will be ok. The journal will guide you through the first 12 months of foggy sleep deprived existence and help you find the headspace you need in the comfort of your home without even having to change out of your pyjamas. She has been there, she has survived and she will sit with you via the journal whilst you go through it.

Amy says:

The New Mum’s Notebook’s primary aim is to normalise everything a new mum may be feeling. It encourages her to lower her expectations and continually reassures her that anything goes in that first year; there is no ‘right’ way to do things – only HER way. A daily companion, divided into the first 12 months of motherhood, with 304 pages of reassurance, love and humour, The New Mum’s Notebook will nurture a new mum in however she chooses to raise her baby. Whether it’s her first or her fifth.

It shows her how far she’s come and how far she will continue to go and gives her space to write thoughts, feelings and memories from those crazy early days down, something that psychologists highly recommend as useful practice. The New Mum’s Notebook is a literary substitute for a new mum’s best friend and will nurture her and be by her side, every single day.


I can thoroughly recommend this journal for any new parent

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  1. Maria (verified owner)

    Such a perfect gift for a new mother, love it!

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