Backpackers Guide To Motherhood

Just like venturing off into the unknown as a brave and naïve backpacker, looking for adventure and exciting new experiences new mothers excited for the journey can march ahead without putting much thought into what essentials they might need in their backpack, leaving them poorly equipped to deal with the challenges they may face.  

The journey to motherhood, especially when faced without support, can be a very complex and overwhelming experience, that without a doubt, changes a woman’s life.  

I have personally provided support to hundreds of women going on this journey, helping them navigate the ups and downs and witnessing what experiences along the way that they have found the most challenging to handle. Based on these observations and support given I have created a course to help guide you through and make your journey as obstacle free and as positive an experience as possible for you and your family. This course gives you a safe and secure place to talk about your experiences, find solidarity within a group of peers and will also provide you the tools you need within your backpack to help you navigate your own journey.

Having delivered numerous courses and groups over many years for new parents I have come to see how hard it can be for most new parents to commit to a weekly group, babies are unpredictable and therefore ensuring you are at a certain place at a certain time can be challenging.

This particular course provides a way to combat that, I will now be offering this course in the virtual world. The course is held online, at the same time every week where you can access the course from the comfort of your own home via the portal. Each course has a maximum of 8 mothers ensuring all receive as much benefit as possible. The portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world via your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you can join us face to face via video camera or just via voice, the choice is yours. Once signed up to the course you will be provided with a login to the portal. It is a safe and secure place designed specifically for private group conversations.

Each course will run for 10 consecutive weeks lasting 1.5 hours each week. The sessions are semi-structured with the discussion led by me, providing you with tools for your backpack along the way. Each week we will cover a different relevant topic highlighting the physical, social, personal and spiritual journeys new mothers may experience.

For details about my next available course and to sign yourself up to the “Backpackers Guide To Motherhood” please contact me. I hope by joining us we can work together to ensure your journey into motherhood is as positive an experience as possible.