Birth Club

Pregnancy and impending motherhood can be such an exciting time. Wouldn’t it be great to have others to share it with?

I have teamed up with “Hampstead Mums” to organise a facilitated Birth Club for Expectant Mothers in the Hampstead area of London. Kind of like a one evening relaxed antenatal course, so you can meet your village before giving birth. They will be sooo important in your post natal daze, when your timetable will go out of whack for a little while -it will be so useful for you to have a group of people you can turn to during a night feed (at least, it was for us)! This is a quarterly event and the next Birth Club will be held on 12th November 2019. For further information about upcoming dates please get in touch.

The event is organised by me on behalf of Hampstead Mums.

What you will receive for your ticket:

  • Buffet dinner and drinks – catered for by Hampstead “Holly Bush”
  • Pamphlet with information about navigating the local community with your newborn, tips from other mums and relevant new mummy information
  • Plentiful goodie bag filled with gifts and discount vouchers
  • A chance to meet others with babies that will be of a similar age locally


I am thrilled to announce that I will also be assisted by Claire Dugan, who runs Tutum Birthing. Claire is equally as passionate as I a about supporting mothers and mothers-to-be. You can find more information about Tutum Birthing here. Claire will be helping me to organise the event and will be available on the day to answer any of your hypnobirthing related questions.

About Hampstead Mums

Hampstead Mums is an inclusive community for local parents to share wise words, local knowledge and general parenting chat. With nearly 9,000 members the community has grown away from the pages of facebook and into the “real” world hosting many successful events including coffee mornings, playgroups and charity fundraisers. You can find more information about Hampstead Mums here.

We have been speaking to local mums and one thing that is still so needed is building a community for first time mums, lost between the incredible excitement and fog of trying to navigate a new world. We would like to make it a little easier and bridge the gaps that might occur. We will be hosting quarterly “Birth Clubs”, a place for expectant mums to meet others with similar due dates within the community, learn some local knowledge that will be helpful during pregnancy and postnatally, receive some fab free gifts in a packed goodie bag and have a gorgeous buffet dinner.

Spaces are limited, to book your place you can purchase a ticket here.