Prepare For Birth

Using hypnotherapy to help with your journey to becoming a mother is a very powerful resource.

The use of hypnotherapy during childbirth is widely acknowledged to be highly effective in helping alleviate pain and calming anxiety.

Their are many courses available for expectant parents to help teach them hypnotherapy techniques that they can use in the labour room. However very few are delivered by qualified and accredited clinical hypnotherapists.

Why is that important?

Qualified, experienced hypnotherapists can provide a more personalised experience and can help parents navigate specific issues that they may be experiencing.

For example:

  • Couples that have had a previously traumatic experience
  • Mothers experiencing Tokophobia (extreme fear of birth)
  • Preparing for a caesarean
  • Preparing for the arrival of twins
  • Couples that have had previous experience of postnatal mental health issues
  • Mothers that are experiencing antenatal depression
  • A couple that would like a personalised package delivered at a time that suits them

I offer private and tailor made birth preparation sessions that will take in to account your specific circumstances and enable you to feel back in control of your experience.

I have spent many years working in the antenatal and postnatal period and focusing my attention on the wellbeing of the mother, ensuring that her emotional wellbeing is of the highest priority. I hold many qualifications and have a vast professional experience that ensures I will be best placed to help support you during this time.

Contact me today for your free initial consultation and I will put together your bespoke birth preparation package