Connect To Clarity Subscription

“Connect To Clarity” is a group designed to provide space for members to connect to mental clarity.



Mental Clarity means freedom from ambiguity, providing clearness of perception. When you have mental clarity, the matter at hand or the situation you’re dealing with is in focus. The path ahead is illuminated and your mind is calm, allowing you to move forward on your chosen path.


  • You will receive a unique hypnotherapy sessions on a weekly basis. These will be purely suggestive sessions that will enable your mind to connect to the mental clarity and calm you desire.
  • Jessica will be interviewing relevant guest speakers (coaches, mindfulness experts, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, EFT practitioners etc) every month, providing masterclasses and Q&A sessions. These will be held over zoom and you will be given the option to join via invite.
  • You will receive daily motivational tasks, designed to help you connect to a clear and calm mind.


Two ways to subscribe…

  1. We have a social media group where all the tasks and sessions can be shared. This group is based on the social media platform -Facebook. Being a member of the group allows you to feel connected to the community, build comradery and support each other.
  2. You can request an email membership. You will receive a weekly email which will include all of your daily tasks and a link to access your hypnotherapy session.

You can opt for a flexible subscription and join the group whilst also receiving the email. We all have different demands and preferences in life and whatever option works best for you and suits your needs can be accommodated for.

If you would like to subscribe and start benefiting from the Connect To Clarity program, email

You will be asked to provide some preliminary information to ensure that it is a suitable environment for you.

Access to the group is £10 per month – averaging at 33p per day/£2.50 per LIVE hypnotherapy session.

First months subscription is FREE for anyone that follows either of Jessica’s social media channels:

Instagram –

Facebook – @jessica.warne.maternal.wellbeing