Mothers Together -Talking Group

‘Mothers Together’ is a small weekly group where mothers can sit and talk.

This may seem very simple, however over the years the most vital support I have found for a mother is providing her the space to talk amongst her peers. Taking the time on a weekly basis “just to talk” may sound like a luxury to a mother, but it isn’t and it should be seen as a priority for maintaining positive mental health.

I provide a safe, warm and supportive environment for mothers to discuss the many ups and downs she may face. Sharing experiences with a group of other women who understand you can be a very powerful and confidence boosting experience, this can help us to become stronger and more confident mothers. 

Bringing mothers together to share experiences and feelings, whether mutual or contrasting, can be a very powerful experience. During the groups I have run over the years I have seen not just mothers grow in confidence but many friendships form helping those that feel alone build ‘the village’ that our modern society can lack. I provide the space and freedom to express yourself and your experiences in a safe environment that is unique, supportive and without judgement. 

The group is formed around a semi-structured discussion led by a facilitator, ensuring that each session has a purpose and is beneficial for all mothers involved. I have been running these groups for a number of years and through my experiences providing this space I can ensure that no mother will be left feeling unheard.

Babies under two are not only welcome but often thrive in the environment alongside their mothers. All mothers are welcome to join.

Mothers Together runs every Friday between 10:30-12:00, term time only, in West Hampstead (London, NW6). New term begins Friday 17th January. Sessions are £10

If you would like to join us please contact me for further information and to reserve your space please click here.