My Shopping List

My Shopping List

When deciding to set up this website I had a good think about what it was that I wanted to achieve. My main goal became apparent quite quickly- The journey through motherhood can be a rather rocky one. I may not be able to flatten the path and remove all the obstacles but I can certainly help find a safe route around them and make the journey as smooth a ride as possible!

A huge part of what I do with parents is talk about the many ups and downs that they may be experiencing, during those conversations I am often asked for recommendations on products/activities/self-help regimes. It is my job to navigate the many options out there and find what I feel is the best fit for new parents, however sending off lists of various recommendations with different website links can be messy and also hard for new parents to navigate.

Making life as easy as possible for a new parent is my goal, I also LOVE a list so I decided to set up a “shopping list”. This would be a place on my website where parents can go and see all of the products that I recommend and buy them all in the same place.

The majority are small businesses with natural and unique products – often brands run by mums with young children, who I always like to throw my support behind! The “shopping list” is full of products to help support emotional and physical wellbeing, with a few indulgences that we all need thrown in for good measure!

You can visit the “shopping list” here

My shopping list is small but growing and I would love your input. If you have a product you would like to recommend to a new parent please get in touch and I will see if they can be added to the list.

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