It may be surprising to learn that hypnosis is a natural state of mind, and you experience it several times a day.

Have you ever been on a journey, maybe driving yourself or sat on a train, thinking about what you need to do that day or the film you watched the night before, and suddenly you look up and realise that you have arrived?

You have been in a hypnotic state.

Your conscious mind has wandered off to daydream, and your subconscious has come forward.

But if something happened during the journey, like a car breaking unexpectedly in front of you or an announcement on the intercom, you would ‘snap back’ and act appropriately. This is because your subconscious is always alert and aware, and looking out for your wellbeing.

On its own hypnosis is simply a calm, tranquil feeling...

… but when used in therapy, it can produce powerful results.

The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis states:

“hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention narrowed down, and focused on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist."

Your subconscious cares for you, and will do whatever it believes you need to keep you safe. But sometimes a past event gives the subconscious the wrong impression of what it is we need. It tries to protect us from future bad events by making us react to anything that reminds it of that first bad event.

Suggestions made during hypnotherapy will help your subconscious understand what you truly need, and counteract the impressions left by that first damaging event.

In hypnotherapy, there is no controlling people’s minds, no sleep like state where you wake with no idea of what has happened to you with your mind changed. In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control. Hypnosis could be seen, ultimately, as self-hypnosis, with a hypnotherapist merely helping to facilitate your experience; ‘to guide you through’. Hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things, in fact it's the opposite; it's about empowerment.

Hypnotherapy is medically accepted to help with a wide and diverse range of issues that we can all face in our day to day lives.

 Maybe you don’t know what’s troubling you, or maybe there’s an issue that you can’t seem to fix; because there is something you don’t recognise underneath. Hypnotherapy can help you identify what’s really going on, and guide you to a way to fixing it.

We can work together to 

  • End unwanted habits – smoking, nail biting
  • Improve work / study / sporting performance
  • boost your self-confidence and achieve your potential
  • Banish phobias
  • End compulsions
  • Lessen sleep problems 
  • Reduce stress, tension and blood pressure
  • Ease stomach problems such as IBS
  • Manage pain
  •  Relieve anxiety
  • Support birth preparation – easing pain, anxiety surrounding birth and encouraging deep relaxation to support the birthing mother and partner

The number of sessions required can vary for each issue and each person. It is important, with any therapy, that you commit to the work and continue coming, even if you come across something uncomfortable...

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and by facing these things, you can explore them, process them, and let them go.