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Taking the time on a weekly basis “just to talk” may sound like a luxury to a mother, but it isn’t and it should be seen as a priority for maintaining positive mental health. Click here to see how to access my talking groups and parenting courses.



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Jessica Warne

Clinial Hypnotherapist, Mothers Support, Life Coach

Jessica Warne is clinical hypnotherapist and certified life coach.

Jessica has worked supporting the mental health of her clients for many years and takes a personal and pro-active approach. 

Jessica is also the founder and former CEO of the successful perinatal mental health charity 'Cocoon Family Support'.

Alongside her hypnotherapy practice, Jessica specialises in supporting mothers in the antenatal and postnatal period, offering

  • Therapeutic talking groups for mothers
  • Support with birth preparation, teaching pain relief techniques to both mother and birthing partner
  • Hypnotherapeutic support for Tokophobia (extreme fear of birth)
  • Supporting postnatal mental health via hypnoanalysis

She is often asked to share her expertise with other professionals sitting on a number of advisory boards for national organisations such as NCT and NHS England.

Please click below to read more about the work Jessica has done to help support parents in and around London and how her achievements may be able to help support you.

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Supported by Jessica

See below some testimonials of those previously supported by Jessica Warne


Jess was absolutely instrumental in my motherhood journey and I will be forever grateful for her support, kindness, empathy and acceptance. She helped me recover, develop and blossom into the strong mama I am today.


After my son was born, I suffered with severe PND and received very little help until my baby was four months old. I was like a rabbit in headlights, desperately seeking guidance and support but
not knowing where to look for it. I was lucky enough that my Mum came upon an organisation and suggested that I might go to one of the support groups. At this group I was lucky enough to meet Jessica. She took me into a room and very gently asked me some questions about my situation. At this time I was extremely vulnerable and terrified that I might feel the way that I did forever. As soon as I met Jessica I felt a sense of safety. She has an aura of care and incredible empathy and there was a little part of me that felt that somehow things might just be ok. Jessica was the first person I came across who had suffered with PND and recovered and that in itself was incredibly healing for me. It is difficult to describe in words how incredible Jessica was to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve meeting her but I can go so far as to say that she helped to save my life. I went to Monday and Saturday group sessions, which Jessica led. As soon as I walked into that room – no matter how horrendous my week may have been – I felt safe and felt I could breathe. Jessica not only listened with no judgement, she offered help and support as well as strategies to help us (me and the other Mums) cope. I remember one session we did some art therapy and in that hour that we were painting, my mind was clear for what felt like the first time in months. Another time we talked about ways in which we could overcome obstacles which were heightening our anxiety. Jessica talked to us about starting with small steps and breaking things down to make them feel more manageable. I met Mums who were severely depressed and Mums who
were suffering from some anxiety and Mums who were generally doing ok but could do with some guidance. Jessica was able to reach all of us and cater towards each of our needs, making each one of us
feel heard and special. At this most vulnerable time in a woman’s life, this kind of support is so incredibly important and what Jessica can offer, I have not come across before or since. There were many facets to my recovery but Jessica was the
shining light – when I met her I felt hope. I am so incredibly grateful for Jessica’s help. Her kind words, her strategies, her listening ear, her great wisdom and her constant presence in my life. I am now lucky enough to call Jessica a great friend and am incredibly honoured to have her in my life.


Jessica's groups were a lifeline when I didn't even know I needed one. I went initially with a friend to support her and found that actually the talking element of the group was really helping me also. It allowed me space to digest what I was experiencing as a new mother and I found great reassurance knowing I wasn't the only new mum feeling how I was. I found myself again and for that I will be forever grateful.


I went to Jessica's course when my second son was 6 months old. It was a parenting course helping the transition to parenthood so I was dubious it would help me as I had already made that transition. However I was so wrong, it was the best thing I could have possibly done. I learnt so much about myself and about who I am as a parent. It has helped me in confidence, it has helped me be the best parent I can be and it has helped my relationships with my children and my husband. I would strongly recommend any parent with a child under the age of one to attend this or similar courses Jessica may be running now. 


Words can't express how much I value Jessica Warne. Her professionalism, caring attitude and good humour have supported me and my family throughout my daughter's vital early years after we had a tricky start. She is non-judgmental, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about supporting new parents and children. She helped me every step of the way from becoming a new parent to being a working mum and then through the trials and tribulations of toddler-dom. If you are in need of a friendly ear and an expert on maternal well being, I really can't recommend her enough!


Attending one of Jessica's courses provided a welcoming, non-judgemental space in the time of life I needed it most. I had recently become a parent and these sessions were designed to explore some tricky areas that I didn't have much support for. They helped build my confidence back up so I could seek the right kind of support instead of plodding along. I also met some wonderful people along the way.

She was always there to listen with empathy and had an infectious joy about her. She understands this space very well and I am really pleased that more people can use her experience.


Jess was a real lifeline for me. Postnatal anxiety had crept up on me after the birth of my second child and then a bad reaction to the prescribed medication threw me into the depths of severe mental illness overnight. Jess would take my desperate calls and keep telling me I was going to be ok - this was an absolute godsend as when you're experiencing a breakdown you just want to cling onto anyone that has experienced the same and come out the other side. It was the best example of sisterhood - women helping other women through terrifying mental illness and for that I will be forever grateful as well as inspired to do just the same.

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