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I am passionate about providing support for new mothers and ensuring their journey through motherhood is as smooth a ride as possible. I have a lot of emphasis on emotional wellbeing at this time but physical wellbeing is also necessary. As all new parents know your body, as much as we might want it to, does not instantly swing back into pre-pregnancy health. Labour is a marathon and the journey doesn’t end once the placenta is pushed or pulled out. It often baffles me that parents can be so ill informed about the care that may be needed postnatally, stitches (vaginal or C-section), prolapses, incontinence or just general pain and swelling happens and their is an air of secrecy about this. Maybe we are trying to protect each other? In my opinion the best way to protect someone is to inform and prepare. This is a view that I share with the wonderful women that run “Mum Bub Hub”, both Nyree and Anisah are passionate mothers out on a mission to support physical wellbeing and labour recovery. After the birth of their children they have gone on to create the most beautiful and healing products to pamper new mothers and ensure that their body is given the time and resources to heal. I have fallen in love with their “Birth Recovery Box”, it has all the things you didn’t realise were essential in to help a new mum bless their wonderful body after welcoming their new child into the world. This is the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself. You can visit their website to purchase the items individually however keen to have the full box on my shopping list as I would wholeheartedly recommend every product in it.

Here is what Nyree and Anisah have to say about their products in this box:

Our Birth Recovery Box is the perfect pamper   gift set for a mum to be, it is filled with essential items to provide   comfort, promote healing and help give pain relief after birth ready for   their hospital bag!

Soothing Perineal Spray: (3.5 oz | 100 ml) A soothing, naturally cooling mist with witch hazel to ease discomfort from haemorrhoids, postpartum vaginal swelling and bruising, perineal tears, and episiotomies.

Soothing Perineal Balm: (3.5oz | 100 g) A soothing salve with natural herbs, like St. John’s wort, Arnica and Calendula to ease postpartum discomfort.

Soaking Salts: (8oz | 223 g) MBH Soaking Salts are formulated with a base of mineral rich detoxifying Himalayan Pink Salts and soothing Epsom Salt to help speed healing and reduce swelling by encouraging circulation and to help you relax and soothe postpartum discomfort.

Herbal Bath Soak: (3.5oz | 100 g) Purposefully blended Postpartum Sitz Soak to heal the perineum and relieve soreness after childbirth This luxurious herbal blend stimulates blood flow and fights infection by supporting your body’s natural healing process.

MBH Maternity Pants: 3 Pack (size 8-12) MBH Maternity Pants are breathable, comfortable and ultra absorbent. They feature a unique 360° design and the contoured core hugs your curves for a smooth comfortable fit. Ideal for the first few days and weeks post birth.

MBH Disposable Maternity Pads: (6 Pack)MBH Maternity Pads are breathable, comfortable and ultra absorbent. Ideal for the first few days and weeks post birth.

Peri Bottle The Peri Bottle perfect for rinsing your perineum as it features several small irrigation holes in the spout to deliver a gentle spray of water. This is why Peri Bottles are essential for postpartum as they are an effective way to clean the perineum. It is great to reduce discomfort on the toilet by diluting urine which can often sting in the immediate days after giving birth.


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